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Stratosphere de Legends

Publicado: 17 Nov 2020 18:35
por rave
Otra incorporación de Legends en la que siguen probando nuevos acabados y formas de impresión, lo cual me alegra mucho.

Print Quantity: 1,000 decks (~900 available)
Card material: LPCC CLASSIC FINISH with Mylar laminated card backs (which adds ~.5mm height to the deck)
Custom black core European casino grade card stock with mylar lamination on card backs
Card coating: LPCC #201901 USA produced / water based
Card cutting: LPCC Diamond Cut / Traditional
Card backs: Mylar lamination (full foil) with overprinting
Card faces: Custom art - 3c, with gold pantone metallic ink and clear SPOT UV varnish
Tuck exterior: White coated paper with holographic mylar lamination and overprinting
Tuck interior: 1c interior printing
Press: Sheetfed UV ink press with UV and air curing
Manufacturing facility: CELT Co. - exclusive partner factory / China